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18 Hole Championship Golf Course, voted Best of the Adirondacks

Cronin’s Golf Resort offers an 18-hole 6,161 yard, par 70 course. This course can challenge even the most experienced golfer. Enjoy a round of golf on our perfectly maintained golf course, completely surrounded by the beautiful Adirondack Mountains and picturesque views of the Hudson River.

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Please browse the following for a hole-by-hole preview of our top-rated golf course.

Hole #1: Par 4, 300 yards 
Length off the tee is not important on the first hole. With the Hudson River gracing the right side of the fairway and out of bounds on the left, a straight tee ball is everything. A good tee shot will leave you 100-150 yards from the middle of a two-tiered green. Greenside bunkers make this short par 4 a great starting hole.
Hole #2: Par 4, 390 yards
This long par 4 boasts two tee boxes. The right tee box creates a dogleg right and places an emphasis on drive placement. Again, the Hudson River is there to swallow up errant tee shots. Your approach to the green is slightly uphill, playing to one of the hardest greens on the course. Put all of these factors together and you get the number three handicap hole on the course.
Hole #3: Par 5, 499 yards
This newly constructed elevated tee box offers great views of the river while demanding a straight drive. Your landing area is flanked by two bunkers, but a straight drive gives you a great shot at par or birdie here. The front of the green slopes steeply uphill and flattens out at the top. A wayward approach shot will roll down the hill on every side of the green.
Hole #4: Par 3, 218 yards
One of two par 3s over 200 yards, there is no room to bail out right here. A long enough shot that misses left will still give you a shot at an up and down par. A small pot bunker seems to attract short shots. The green slopes back to front. Make sure to take in the beauty of your surroundings before you tee off.
Hole #5: Par 4, 439 yards
It’s the number one handicap hole on the course for a reason. Another new tee box has lengthened this hole. It’s a relatively spacious fairway, but a long tee shot still gives you a long iron or fairway wood to the green. You must be on the proper tier of this two tiered green. A bogey on number five is never a bad score. Par will feel like birdie here.
Hole # 6: Par 3, 148 yards
A pretty straightforward hole, the dangers here are the greenside bunkers. If you avoid the bunkers and hit the green, you have a great shot at birdie on one of the flatter greens on the course. The hole does go uphill a bit and could require an extra half a club.
Hole #7: Par 4, 392 yards
Once again the drive here is paramount. Starting from an elevated tee box, your drive must be right center of the fairway because of the sharp dogleg left. A drive to the left will not allow you a shot to the green. The fairway goes back uphill to a back to front sloping green. Stay below the hole here. If your approach shot flies the green, you will lose your ball in the water behind the green.
Hole #8: Par 4, 411 yards
No room for error here. The drive must be straight. Consider a fairway wood or long iron off the tee. There is out of bounds right and unplayable lies left. The peninsula green is the largest on the course and pin position could change your club selection by up to two clubs. The green is flat and a close approach shot will give you a nice chance at birdie.
Hole #9: Par 5, 526 yards
This is not a two shot hole. There is some room to bail out right here with this gradual left-bending fairway. Try not to go too far right or you will find Lake Ginsburg. A good layup shot should leave you a short to mid iron into another two tiered green. The green is thin and deep, with a bunker on the left side. This is a great finishing hole for the front nine.
Hole #10: Par 4, 405 yards
Length off the tee is big here on this dogleg right hole. The elevated green will help with some extra ball flight. If you catch the down slope in the fairway you could leave yourself a short iron to this brand new green. Miss the approach right and you will once again flirt with Lake Ginsburg. Finding the right tier on this green will help get your par.
Hole #11: Par 4, 318 yards
While a driver isn’t needed here, there is not much danger if you want to take a big swing with it. This is a great birdie hole if you can find the right level on this three tiered green. If not, you could be looking at a three putt.
Hole #12: Par 3, 215 yards
The second of the long par 3s, the tee ball must be straight, even if short. Any shot hit left or right will block you from the green with tall pine and evergreen trees. Stay below the hole on this back to front sloping green for your best chance at a good score.
Hole #13: Par 5, 555 yards
Don’t let the handicap on this hole (8) fool you. There is nothing but danger everywhere on this hole. The brand new tee box is one of the finest on the course. It elevates high above the left-bending fairway. Play your tee ball to the right center of the fairway, lay up with a mid to long iron, and then take your shot to one of the most difficult greens on the course. Bunkers flank this deep green on the left and right. Par is a great score here.
Hole #14: Par 4, 391 yards
Once again a straight drive is important. There is a little room to miss left, but not right. No need for driver here. Hit the club that will give you a mid-iron to the green. The approach shot is not a hard one and the green is flat. This is a great shot for a birdie. 
Hole #15: Par 3, 146 yards
A straightforward par 3, pick the right club and swing away. Giant mounds surround this large green. The two tiers on this green actually go from right to left versus front and back. Make a good score here because two tough holes will follow.
Hole # 16: Par 4, 331 yards
Put the woods away and take a mid to long iron for your tee shot. Anything hit left or right will only allow you a chip-out from the woods. If you drive the fairway you should have smooth sailing to the green and a great shot at making a birdie or par, but it’s all in the drive.
Hole #17: Par 4, 322 yards
You must hit your tee shot between 185 and 200 yards to have a shot to this sharp dogleg right hole. If you can manage that on the tee shot you will have a wedge or short iron to a flat green. Greenside bunkers will take any ball hit short left or right.
Hole #18: Par 3, 155 yards
It’s important to pick the right club here. Stick the green and make your birdie. Missing the green still gives you an easy chance at an up and down par.
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